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Tracy C.

"Wonderful microdermabrasion and facial massage."


"Amazing! First time getting microdermabrasion and I can already see the results. Can't wait to go back!"


"Mikki was AMAZING!! Yesterday (3/17/21) was my first facial ever, and it was nothing less than wonderful!! She went through what she was doing step by step. Explained to me the benefits of what she was doing, and how to properly take care of my skin!! I definitely look forward to seeing her next month for my next facial!!!"


"Mikki is a sweetheart and she will make sure you are walking away satisfied. Her facial is one of the best I have ever had."


"Wonderful facial. I highly recommend Mikki !"


"Mikki was incredible! She really took the time to explain all of the different ingredients from my current products to me as well as explain the benefits of the products/techniques she used. So relaxing, BEST FACIAL MASSAGE EVER!"


"Positive: Communication, Quality

I have been coming to see Mikki for monthly facials since moving to Arizona late last year. She is fantastic and really has helped me adjust to the air here"


"I bought a Groupon to find a place to get facials done and this place proved to be the best place ever. Mikki the esthetician is delightful and wonderful and does a really good job especially if you like extractions. She's very friendly and fun to talk to and I really enjoyed the experience. I would highly recommend this establishment to anybody looking to improve their skin. I will be buying her membership and going back every 2 weeks to maintain the results."

Claire Routh

"Let me first start out by saying that I've had many many facials. But Mikki is the reason I decided to stop hopping from spa to spa and commit. She works wonders on the skin. My breakouts and hyperpigmentation have dramatically decreased since I began treatments with her.
Unlike other places I've visited, there is no pressure here to buy products and no unrealistic claims about overnight results. Not only does Mikki treat the skin on the surface, she also offers recommendations about diet and lifestyle changes based on her knowledge of internal healing. Plus, she's much more affordable than a lot of the skincare clinics in the area. If you are struggling with skin issues, I highly recommend a visit to Mikki!"


"This place is wonderful!! From the waterfall in the lobby with the great books to browse Thru….. to the fabulous mikki who gave me the most relaxing and effective facial, I’ve had in years!! Great conversation & very peaceful !! Can’t wait to go back! Awesome local skin care products too!! Gem of a find in AZ!!"


"Mikki was extremely thorough and educational about my facial. It was relaxing, refreshing, and worth it! I already booked my next appointment. She is very passionate about her work which makes it that much more personal."

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